How to make espresso using French Press

Many Gimoka products are suitable for French press, so here are some important tips for using them and getting a special cup of coffee

Always keep your coffee fresh, whole coffee beans retain their flavor for a longer time. The reason is that once the coffee beans are ground, the coffee oils start to evaporate, which makes the coffee lose its flavor, when you keep the whole beans until you need them, you keep those oils.

Heat the French Press well. The only source of heat in the French Press is the hot water you pour into it. Much of the water’s heat is absorbed by the cold French Press rather than the drink. By preheating the French Press first. More heat goes directly to brew instead.

Warm up your coffee mug, as with the French Press, the mug you pour your coffee into also absorbs the heat of the brewing. Before pouring your coffee, pass your mug into hot water to heat it up, get rid of the water, pour your coffee and enjoy a warm coffee drink.

Add a little extra water. Adding an extra quarter cup of water will replace the water that the beans absorbed during the brewing process. Adding a little more water will help reduce the grounds in your coffee while still giving you the full amount of coffee in your cup.

Always try to use a caution tool. Don’t go too close to brewing times. Use a timer to ensure your coffee doesn’t bitter from over extraction. The rule of thumb is four minutes, but try shorter or longer times until you get the flavor you want. Using a consistent brewing time helps maintain Consistency of flavor.

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